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 CAVALL  empowers trainers & barn managers to focus on what matters most- delivering top care to their horses.  


Better Manage Your Farm,
Spend More Time on the Saddle 


Less Paperwork,
More Riding.

Cavall pro simplifies transactions and improve communications between clients, barn managers and trainers so everyone can spend more time on the saddle.

Configure application to Fit your needs

Cavall-Pro, available on your mobile and your computer, enables to customize farm’s services, schedule pro ride and lessons and automatize billing and payments.

Manage your Schedule

Easily plan your show season, lessons and professional rides. CAVALL integrates with your trainers and client's calendar to better coordinate your horses' training program. 

Automate your Invoices

Automatically invoice and get paid by your clients on time & free of mind. Provide transparency to each customer and track invoices by client and by horses. 

Track Your Client's Documents 

Access to information anytime anywhere and free up your mind from email and administrative burden.

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Our Partners


Your Innovative Farm. 

Dear Professional, 

It is with great pleasure that I introduce CAVALL to our community. My hope is to give back to the Horsemen and Horsewomen who gave me my passion, perseverance and so much more.  The platform was created to help you spend less time doing back office tasks and more time doing what you love. 


Ultimately, CAVALL is here to make  us better horsemen for our horses. 

With Love, 

The Silvain Family  

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