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Streamlining all equestrian businesses in a single suite 
Join the 30+ stables already part of our community


Less Paperwork,
More Riding.

Cavall Pro streamlines transactions and enhances communication among clients, barn managers, and trainers, freeing up more time for everyone to enjoy the saddle.

Tailor to your business 

Use our drag & drop tools to build your operations. We believe every business is different.

Track Your Client's Documents 

Access to information anytime anywhere and free up your mind from email and administrative burden.

Automate your Invoices

Automate invoicing, ensure on-time payments, and enjoy peace of mind. Offer transparency to clients, tracking invoices by customer and horse.

What can CAVALL Pro do for my business ? 

Never have a late payment again. 
  • Track all services provided to your customers. 

  • Manage horse and client records in a single place. 

  • Plan expenses through monthly and automatic payments. 

  • Optimize your business to provide the best customer experience completely free

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