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Cavall Pro simplifies transactions and improves communications between clients, barn managers, and trainers so everyone can spend more time on the saddle.  The platform, available on your mobile and your computer, enables to select and customize services, schedule pro ride and lessons and automatize billing and payments.  Access to information anytime anywhere and free up your mind from email and administrative burden.  Join us as an early adopter of the application!

  • Access all your horses and clients’ details at your finger tips

  • You have access to a consolidated overview of all your client accounts

  • You contacts list  is ready to hear from you any time, any where

  • Spend less time in tracking time sheets, customizing and printing invoices, sending emails…

  • Improve your cash flow through automatization of invoices and recurrent payments

  • You simplify your revenue calculation, tracking and book records

  • You can review all your prices in one location

Improve your services, customer experience and improve your cash flow.

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 14.05.11.png

Client Management Software 

A peace of mind! Your customers have a simpler and easier way to order and pay for services.
  • Sign up for services and schedule lessons online

  • Monitor horses’ profile, barn and training’s expenses and show record

  • Plan expenses through monthly, automatic, and safe payment on recurrent services

  • Do not risk losing checks or occurring late payment fees

  • Get full transparency on services prices


Why use CAVALL Pro? 

Improve your trainers’ productivity with an easy-to-use scheduling, tracking and billing solution
  • Shared calendar between trainers and their clients making scheduling easier   

  • Tracking of trainers’ pro-rides, lessons, show coaching in one place

  • Make client billing easier and automatize recurrent billing

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